Paul McCartney ‘doesn’t mind’ illegal downloading

Paul McCartney yesterday said that he “doesn’t mind” illegal downloading, though he does have some problems understanding the concept.

He explained that while he doesn’t download illegally himself, he was tempted to buy Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ for a penny, but only so he could tell his mates he’d paid much more.

The artist was speaking at a London media event for the launch of his latest The Fireman album, ‘Electric Arguments’, recorded with Youth.

He observed download culture to be a little “weird” to him, saying, “I’m not from that. I’m from going into a shop and buying a 45. We’ve come through vinyl, tapes and CDs – it’s all the same, except people don’t pay for it [now]. I don’t mind. It works out.”

McCartney also revealed that discussions between the surviving Beatles and EMI over making music available through iTunes had “stalled”.

That bombshell drops as an increasing body of evidence emerges to suggest Warner, SonyBMG and Universal intend making music available through Apple’s DRM-free iTunes Plus service.

Youth and McCartney last worked together on a release from The Fireman ten years ago. They released ‘Rushes’ in 1998 and first album, ‘Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest’, was introduced in 1993.

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