Pandora founder interviewed – video

Digital Media Wire has published an interview with Pandora founder, Tim Westergren, it’s very interesting and also sees him clarify the erroneous report we previously published (ie, he says where we cocked-up).

The founder of the innovative service confirms our earlier report that Pandora’s iPhone App has had a positive effect on subscriber growth. He also clarifies the confusion we inadvertently caused with a previous misconstrued post which claimed the iPhone to account for a huge slice of the network’s membership. We were wrong – but the point remains that the iPhone App has doubled Pandora’s growth rate from 20,000 to 40,000+ new users each day. Currently, Pandora has about 1.5 million iPhone users. (In our defence, we are at least not hiding an apology in small print in a tiny never-visited area of our website, if that counts for anything).

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