Democrat, Republican – who is best for music?

We came across this, it’s all US politics, but we think it a great read – funny while at the same time being extremely pertinent and written by Eliot Van Buskirk, so over to him:

“Sarah Palin gave one of her children the middle name “Van,” apparently so that his name would rhyme with “Van Halen.” Meanwhile, Joe Biden likes to drink champagne with the RIAA. Which would be better for music?

Quick later extract: “John McCain (who may or may not have been aware of her predilection for the guitar legend) played the band’s pop anthem “Right Now” after announcing Palin as his running mate. For the record, Van Halen didn’t given the Republican ticket permission to use the song — and they say they wouldn’t even if asked.
“We see a pattern here … McCain faces a lawsuit from Jackson Browne for infringing copyright by using Browne’s song “Running on Empty” without permission.”

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