Will Apple’s Mac sales survive the PC price war?

The iPad invasion has devoured the netbook business and driven the PC industry into the ground, so expect a price war this Christmas as PC manufacturers, led by Acer [ACER INC] and Lenovo [LNVGY], struggle to woo new customers with a PC price war. But, with a reputation as a top-tier computer maker which does not compete on price, can Apple’s [AAPL] Mac sales survive the onslaught of the PC price cuts?


Apple pegs October 5 iPhone 5 launch event?

Just a short note rather than a full-fledged post, but PocketGamer is claiming the iPhone 5 launch event’s gearing up to take place on October 5 (?) **This is a Wednesday, rather than Apple’s favorite launch day, Tuesday**, with shipping of the new stuff set for (about) a week later. Expect a press conference and everything, and, of course, this is all broadly in line with the mulitude of rumors and leaks which now point to mid-late October shipping. With two models, including the low cost device, this is shaping up to be an iPhone Christmas by the looks of things.

What can you expect? Faster, slimmer, lighter, iOS 5, A5, 8MP camera, HD video, Smartcovers, and more. The big discussions will be on NFC and/or LTE. The latter I think makes no sense right now, the former, well, I remain convinced there’s an iPhone wallet plan, but NFC may not yet be part of it…

Apple Steampunk’t — Victorian values for iPad, Mac and iPhone

The Internet. Cloud-based computing. The PC. The Apple [AAPL] mobile vision. iPads and iPhones. These technologies are transforming relationships at a rapid rate. Sometimes it’s nice to slip into something historical and evocative, so here’s some solutions to steampunk your Apple kit.

First I came across the Old Time Computer iMac covers. This transforms your Apple desktop into an object that doesn’t just look like it came from another world with better designers, but another world entirely, via some wormhole in the space-time continuum.



Apple seals China Mobile iPhone deal for September, MacBook Air upgrade imminent

Apple [AAPL] fans are dusting off their credit cards on news that two of the company’s most popular products are due an upgrade. China Mobile this morning seemingly confirmed the iPhone hits its network in September, while reports from the Apple supply chain claim new model MacBook Airsshould hit channel as soon as next month. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE