PA Semi chief talent quits Apple – are processor plans in trouble?

PA Semi founder and former CEO Dan Dobberpuhl has quit Apple.

Dobberpuhl joined Apple on acquisition of PA Semi two years ago but has since left Cupertino to join a start-up, a report claims. Cnet claims Dobberpuhl – widely regarded as a jewel in the crown within Apple’s processor development teams – left last year.

It’s thought he’s at Silicon Valley start-up Agnilux. Dobberpuhl’s departure from Apple is the latest in a growing pool of former P.A. Semi engineers who have left Apple since the latter’s $278 million investment in PA Semi.

Whether these departures are well-timed could be seen as being in doubt. Apple is reportedly planning to introduce levels of multitasking support within a future generation of the iPhone OS, according to AppleInsider.

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