Owngig.com gig one: The Blow Monkeys

Owngig.com is proud to announce it’s first gig featuring The Blow Monkeys, taking place on November 22.

The website, launched just 3 months ago, allows fans to bid for which artist they would most like to see perform live, matching requests to help create a one-off event. Fans of The Blow Monkeys have recently created such a high demand that it has already made their dream gig become a reality, the release describing the achievement reveals.

The show will take place at the Prospect of Whitby pub (formerly the Devil’s Tavern – also the name of the band’s new album) at Wapping Wall.
The Blow Monkeys formed in 1981 and have released 6 albums including 2008’s The Devil’s Tavern.  The band are still remembered for a string of classic singles, most notably ‘Digging your scene’ and ‘It doesn’t have to be this way’.

Owngig.com publishes regular results of the most popular artist requests through the site. As well as The Blow Monkeys, popular bids include the Last Shadow Puppets, Tom Waits and Morrissey.

Richard Davies, founder of OwnGig.com said: “We are delighted to be able to put on our first show so soon after launching Owngig.com.  It demonstrates that the concept of collaboration to create your own show can work, and judging by the demand created so far it appeals to fans of all musical genres and era’s. The key is to create an event that really is unique and not otherwise available to the fan, something that the Blow Monkeys understood from the outset.”

The band added: “The Blow Monkeys are delighted to work in conjunction with Owngig to make this a gig a reality for the many Blow Monkey fans. It will be a great experience to play in the pub that we used to drink in after rehearsals all those years ago”

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