Over 100k apps for iPhone as ebooks explode…

Apple’s on target to offer in excess of 100,000 applications through the App Store by the end of the year, a level of offering that matches brick-&-mortar store Wal-Mart in its diversity, according to a leading analytics company.

Flurry Inc’s vice president of marketing, Peter Farago, made the claims on a company blog last night. His firm makes analytic and money-making tools for mobile apps developers. Because these tools are frequently optimised and included within the code of apps reaching Apple’s store, he has a deep insight into what level of application releases is coming up.

“Over the last six months, the number of available applications in the App Store has more than doubled, from 25,000 applications in January to over 65,000 in July, which equates to 14% month-over-month growth. Flurry’s month-over-month rate for New Project Starts has been holding steady at 30% for the last several months. Assuming that roughly half of those new project starts are for new applications, the pipeline to the App Store shows no signs of slowing,” he explains.

With these stats in mind, Farago predicts over 100,000 apps by the end of the year – and with rumours of Apple’s multimedia tablet to the fore, he also observes e-books to be the second largest App Store application category (14%), behind games (19%)….

“With Amazon investing heavily in Kindle, iPhone has quickly emerged as a direct competitor in the eBooks category, further demonstrating the impressive reach of Apple across all digital media,” he writes.

Via: Jason O’Grady and David Morgenstern

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