OpenTV Movie portal now on Canada’s Bell TV

OpenTV Corp. has launched a movie portal application in partnership with Bell TV, Canada’s leading satellite and High Definition TV provider.

The Bell TV movie portal developed by OpenTV enables movie content providers to promote specific channels, as well as the movies they feature, through a fully customizable application that runs on OpenTV’s Core middleware platform. In addition to a themed search option, the application features a unique scheduling option that allows viewers to schedule movie recordings and set reminders weeks in advance.

“This launch is another demonstration of the advanced capabilities OpenTV middleware can offer its customers relative to other technology providers,” said Mike Ivanchenko, OpenTV’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “This portal gives network operators and content providers new options in promoting their channels and content, and we are very excited to partner with Bell TV on this first launch.”

“The movie portal developed by OpenTV is a key platform differentiator for us and one that brings value-added services to our offering,” said Shawn Omstead, General Manager of Product Management at Bell TV. “It is another way we are making it easier for our viewers to find the content that’s right for them and helping our movie partners promote their content and drive viewership to their channel, all at the touch of a button.”

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