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We kind of like this little idea on a “legal alternative to file-sharing”, it has this positive altruistic element that may be a little naive, but still seems worth a name check, the service is called ShareMusic. isn’t just another music download service, it’s a love exchange that allows musicians to offer the songs they want for sale to music fans in full knowledge that rather than subsidising iTunes or the champagne at the shareholder’s party over at the major music labels, the cash raised goes to good works and charity. Well, that’s what we’ve been told.

“No one wants to steal from their favourite artist,” the company said. “And everyone wants to help others. But no one really feels guilty stealing from Sony, or the big music corporations.

“This is the real reason so many people, guiltlessly, download music. But what if they were, instead, stealing from starving children in Africa? Or, what if, they were stealing directly from their favourite artists? Radiohead proved people happily give money, even to millionaire artists, who give them music they value. And what kind of kid cracks open their UNICEF charity box, or would steal from a starving child?”

Musicians around the world alredy pay fees to services such as,, and others in order to maintain their songs on iTunes. This service lets them offer songs fro sales with no fees in order to raise cash for charity.

We’re curious about this little idea, which is open for business now only in preview mode.

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