Olympics 2008 opening ceremony online

The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games is underway, with the opening ceremony watched by an average audience of five million viewers on BBC One, and outcry across the US as NBC made the short-sighted decision to delay coverage of the opening, instead screening it in parts to a hail of criticism.

NBC Universal has also faced criticism for its decision to screen Olympic coverage online using Microsoft’s beta (for some platforms) Silverlight technology.

The theme song of the event also took a spot in proceedings, with British Soprano Sarah Brightman and Chinese singer Liu Huan, singing the single “You and Me”, considered by some to be one of the best Olympic theme songs yet.

We anticipate number-crunching viewing figures and analysing online success in the future, but right now felt it right to leave you with the Olympic theme song as sung live during the opening ceremony, particularly for any frustrated US viewers.

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