OK Go Lead YouTube Explosion, Gain Few Sales

This is OK Go, whose latest video for new single ‘This Too Shall Pass’ has been watched over eight million times on YouTube, but hasn’t shifted too many records. The video is inspired, super to watch. What do we think of the song?

“OK Go recently split from EMI when the label refused to allow people to embed the Pass video. It’s clear EMI has no idea how to promote bands in the internet age, but also scary that bands like OK Go might be ill-equipped to survive in places that aren’t the internet. It’s a great promotional tool, but certainly not the only one. Now on their own, OK Go are gunning to get as many clicks as possible. Without a label, they’re free to capture every fraction-of-a-penny per stream that YouTube offers,” The Guardian informs.

If you like it, buy it here. Why not?

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