Ofcom: UK users accused of file-sharing to be charged a fee to file an appeal

Internet users cut off from their service when simply accused of file-sharing are to be required to pay in order to appeal against infringement of copyright claims under the mooted dispute resolution processes, a report informs us today.

“In short, if you are cut off by Ofcom for illegally downloading, even if you’re innocent, you’ll have to pay to appeal against the decision.”

A House of Lords committee is currently going over the decision. Lord de Mauley expressed concern about Mandy’s plan saying: “Why are we suddenly talking about subscribers paying for the appeal in dispute resolution processes?

“So far, it has always been the responsibility of the ISPs and copyright owners to make sure that their allegations are accurate, and to bear the costs should they fail to do so. I do not see why it is suddenly suggested that subscribers must pay to clear their names if they have arrived at that situation through no fault of their own.”

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