Ofcom looks to file-sharing policing deals

Ofcom may attempt regulation against file-sharing, with Ofcom boss Ed Richards described the regulator as “ready to play a constructive role” in the ongoing debate over file-sharing.
“To date, Ofcom has not made a lot of public noise about the piracy issue…that should not be mistaken for a lack of interest or concern…this sort of piracy is something that affects network operators, ISPs, content creators and consumers – and as the converged regulator we have of course been keeping a watchful eye on developments.”
Richards observed that the need for telecoms and network companies to invest in a more robust infrastructure means those firms must be confident of a profit-friendly future regulatory environment.
“An operator investing in next-generation networks will not want it clogged up with illegal peer-to-peer content if that means no-one will pay to ensure a return on the investment, as we have seen in some Asia Pacific markets,” Pushing for commercial or voluntary agreements to prevent file-sharing, Richards said. “Content providers, self evidently, do not want illegal traffic undermining their investment in IPR.”

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