Ocarina tops charts, millions listen

Time to raise a glass to Ocarina this morning, which has swiftly climbed to the top of the App Store tree with its charming and eloquent mix of musical expression and social connection.

The iPhone instrument is named after an ancient flute, users get to play nicely haunting sounds by blowing into the iPhone’s mic and moving their fingers, just like any wind instrument. It really is quite addictive, and we can see it sitting in the collection beside iStylophone happily enough.
Another feature lets you listen to what other Ocarina users are playing across the world. All you do is hit a button in the interface and you’re transported to a world map, with every Ocarina player marked by a little light, and you get to listen to the songs.The company says Oscarina users have have listened to more than three million melodies and created over 200 musical scores in the two weeks since the software launched.

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