Ocarina clips 700k downloads as Smule grows

Oh, Ocarina, count the ways we love thee – well, it seems there’s lots of us out there who do, as Ocarina developer Smule reveals 700,000 downloads of its innovative music-making app for the iPhone…

Ocarina is a lovely application, we like it a lot here (as do those crazed musicians who hit the spotlight this week, The Mentalists), it’s innovation is that it uses the built-in mic on the iPhone and some clever software trickery to transform your pocet-sized device into a nice little woodwind instrument, the Ocarina.

While it’s an instrument that blows, it’s by no means all hot air, with estimates and guesswork suggesting the developer has made a hefty $485k on sales of the $0.99 app – adding a little uplift to pub conversations between iPhone owners worldwide. Profits have driven the company to expand, so you can expect a lot more lip-smacking iPhone action in future.

It gets better: Smule also confirmed that 1,200 user-created songs have been uploaded to the Ocarina website, and that songs have been listened to over 40 million times. There are more than 25,000 iPhone apps now, according to Mobclix.

Smule is the brainchild of Stanford University professor, Ge Wang, who is co-director of the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra, or MoPhO, and the Stanford Laptop Orchestra.

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