Oasis’ Noel Gallagher on Guitar Hero and Apple

Noel Gallagher of Oasis thinks games like GuitarHero may switch kids onto music-making and revealed the band made all the demos for their soon-to-ship seventh album using Apple’s GarageBand application.

He was speaking with MusicRadar as the act hits the media circuit to big up the release of ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, the group’s seventh’s studio album (due October 6 in the UK, October 7 in the US).

Gallagher also admitted to not yet having heard the recent Cookin’ Soul mash-up of Jay-Z vs. Oasis, but said such things were “a bit of fun”. A

On the move to digital demo making, he remarked: “I had my own full functioning home studio, but I got sick of it ‘cos the demos were beginning to sound better than the records… I haven’t sold the equipment, but I let the studio go…we actually do our demos now in Gem’s bedroon on a the computer using (Apple’s) GarageBand…”

The Oasis band leader explained why: “We fell into this trap of recording demos for the record (‘Don’t Believe The Tuth’) and then flying to America to make the record and then preferring the demo and then trying to marry the two…”. History shows that album took over four years to make.

On Guitar hero , the Oasis lead axe-man notes: “If it gets kids interested in playing a guitar, then ‘wow’ – it’s better than them trying to execute aliens….”

Oh, and this Gallagher’s also a fan of the mighty fine Black Mountain, recommending their self-tilted Black Mountain album as “really, really great” (so we shoved a video of that act’s track, ‘Wucan’ below, so you can judge for yourself.)

Oasis ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ trailer

Black Mountain

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