O2 UK losing exclusive iPhone deal Oct. 9?

etre-touchy-iphone-medMobile Entertainment has seen documentation that states O2’s exclusive deal on the iPhone will end on October 9.

This opens an opportunity for other carriers to offer the device in the UK. At present, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile are all thought to be making a play to offer the device through their networks.

ME adds its “sources say that O2 may retain sole rights to the recently launched iPhone 3G S.”

Naturally, freeing the iPhone up for offer through other networks in the UK is extremely likely to generate a third wave of sales of the device. UK mobile phone users tend to prefer to make an open choice between carriers. It’s very likely sales will be brisk once the iPhone’s made available through other networks in the UK.

Also open to question is whether AT&T in the US will also lose exclusivity.

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