O2 iPhone Users Get Free Access To The Cloud…

O2 has announced that starting this summer, all its mobile subscribers will get free access to 22,000 European WiFi hotspots operated by The Cloud.

The Cloud is offering access to O2 subscribers via a free app now available at the App Store called FastConnect. This is designed to simplify your connection to The Cloud, storing your logon details so that connection is automatic, and surfing is free.

Users do not need to be in a Cloud access point in order to download and activate FastConnect, but instead just need to make a one-off visit to the Apple store (https://linktoapp.com/The-Cloud-FastConnect) wherever they have access online.

The free application automatically installs across multiple devices and platforms that share the same set of credentials, so users in the UK can enjoy the benefits of high speed Wi-Fi whether on their O2 iPhone, laptop, iPod or iPad. The Cloud database allows users to add subsequent networks to their existing profile that will then also be connected automatically when in range.

The software has an in-built hotspot locator, giving automatic connection to all Wi-Fi hotspots powered by The Cloud when in range – all that is required is a one off free and quick installation. The application’s searchable directory spans all of The Cloud’s access points across Europe and provides a link to GoogleMaps, in order to provide a map and directions straight to the user’s mobile.  The FastConnect Wi-Fi finder will also update its lists of venues automatically as new Cloud hotspots are added.

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