O2 cracks one million plus UK iPhone sales

old_mobile_phoneO2 has announced one million iPhone sales in the UK, suggesting approximately one person in sixty in the UK is already using an Apple mobile.

“We can also announce that as of today more than 1 million iPhones have been sold in the UK,” the company said as it announced its October-December results.

Matthew Key, Chairman & Chief Executive of Telefónica Europe said, “This great performance in the UK was fuelled by four key areas, including the fact that we were No1 in customer satisfaction and the success of our products at the top end of the market, including BlackBerry and iPhone.”

Additional highlights include the addition of 390,000 customers to the O2 network. The company also revealed strong results across its business and territorial areas, though warned of a rough ride ahead.

“While our results appear to be bucking economic trends, we remain concerned about the current trading environment which has resulted in an overall smaller market. In times like these, execution becomes even more critical in offering customers services and propositions that they value.

“I believe the telecoms sector can help fuel economic recovery, provided the right regulatory framework is given. We call upon politicians, regulators and the industry to work together to ensure the regulatory clarity that will favour investments in R&D and new infrastructure,” said Key.

The strength of the iPhone’s impact on the UK market is underlined when one considers Apple has sold over 10 million iPhone 3Gs worldwide as of Jan 2009.

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