NYT digital chief says Apple iPad is ‘exciting’, ‘scary’, ‘revolutionary’

Apple’s iPad is ‘exciting and scary’ a senior New York Times executive working on that newspaper’s digital strategy told an Australian digital media conference this weekend.

Marc Frons is the NYT’s chief technology officer, and he calls Apple’s new iPad a “revolutionary” and “exciting” proposition for publishers. He says the system will combine the best of print and digital in one “thing”, promising “’exquisite typography” and ”dynamic page layout”, according to Stuff.co.nz.

He was speaking at Fairfax Digital’s Media 2010 conference in Sydney. ”It’s both very exciting and scary for us,” he said, confirming the move to create content for the device is deeply linked by his newspaper’s decision to put up a pay wall around its online content in 2011.

He also confirmed discussion as to how to protect content in this way to be advanced, with the notion of a metered model – you’ll get so much for free, but have to pay for more. At present internal debate at the NYT flies between all-you-can-eat access for $10 or $30 per month.

Established print teams within the newspaper are understood to be pushing for the higher price, so as to not cannibalise sales of their souvenir slices of the Amazon rain forest (paper-based) products.

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