Nvidia plans games-focused iTunes player?

We need to keep this in the rumour and speculation department, but there’s a rumour Nvidia may be creating a digital content distribution platform to rival Apple’s iTunes.

TechTree tells us there’s rumours going around suggesting the graphics processor company plans to introduce its own digital content distribution service, presumably to offer games.

Another report claims the service will be consumer-focused, and games distributed through the platform will have latest hardware drivers included within them. It’s thought PC users buying a graphics card will also get a universal key that can be used with several games available through Nvidia’s supposed channel.

Nvidia dismisses these notions as nothing more than rumour and speculation, but it could be an interesting approach to minimise game piracy.

1 thought on “Nvidia plans games-focused iTunes player?

  1. Tom

    Is Steam a rival to iTunes? Because it got there first, and yet you don’t mention it as an established platform to download games…

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