Nvidia Optimus prime for future MacBook models- reports

Among all the reports claiming video chat may be on its way toward the iPhone comes news of a different flavour – that Apple could soon pop a little more Nvidia inside its MacBook range

(That MacBooks are due a refresh is pretty clear, considering the growingly generous discounts now visible on the Amazon today).

This morning we learn that Apple may be one of the first to field Nvidia’s Optimus graphics switching technology. “People familiar with the matter” claim several MacBook Pro laptops capable of automatically switching between integrated and discrete graphics are kicking around Apple’s labs, AppleInsider writes.

Nvidia’s Optimus technology, which officially debuted earlier this month, is “strikingly similar to the description of the technology said to be making its way into next-generation MacBook Pros.”

The technology activates the discrete GPU seamlessly when the user needs to run a demanding application or play a video. And this tech could boost Appleā€™s attempt to make OPenCL useful to future Macs.

1 thought on “Nvidia Optimus prime for future MacBook models- reports

  1. Bradley Dichter

    With Intel blocking nvidia from making graphics chips for use with Nehalem class CPUs such as the Arrandale Core i5 and i7 most likely used in a next generation MacBook, MacBook Pro and Mac mini, I don’t see how any nvidia technology like Optimus is getting into a Mac anytime soon. Not to mention Apple would have to work with nvidia to make this work on Macs, as it’s currently a Windows only option. Not that this would be unwelcome. A dynamic 2nd discrete GPU sounds good to me. Maybe Apple could do this with a ATI Radeon Mobility chip to supplant the integrated GPU in the new processors from Intel.

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