Now you can add free legal music to your blogs

We7 today confirmed it has signed up all the major labels to its ads-supported music service, matching SpiralFrog with a three million strong catalogue of music you can listen to for free on-demand, and even host on your blogs!

And here’s the proof – just click the Play button to hear ‘Karma Police’ right now, here on Distorted Loop, with a few ads which don’t seem to interfere with the experience. What’s your feedback?

5 thoughts on “Now you can add free legal music to your blogs

  1. Zac

    I only get 30 seconds of the song. [I am in the United States, dunno if that matters]

  2. Anthony V

    30 seconds from Poland as well… Guessing this only works in the UK, how incredible…

  3. Chris J

    Thank you for the heads up on this cool phenomenon. While perusing the blogosphere I also came across a post on entitled “Are MP3 Blogs Under Attack?” which sheds some light on the recent RIAA actions against bloggers who are posting content that does not belong to them. My comment on that post is available here. Seeing this post made me think: Are widgets the answer to the sometimes-harsh legal actions that bloggers face when posting content? While I don’t think this specific widget is the one that will solve this problem, it is most certainly a step in the right direction. If there was a definitive widget specifically for mp3 posts, it could solve a number of legal issues while at the same time open promotional and even monetary doors for artists and record labels. I imagine such a widget to include not only streams, but also even a digital download capability and some artwork as well. If the widget had a simple cut and paste app design that bloggers could just drop into their post, it would be great for press releases, and artists would be able to use mp3 blogs to their full marketing advantage without fears of having their album leaked for free. They would have the ability to control and post whatever content they want. While the we7 widget seems great for casual bloggers who just want to post about mainstream artist’s, those who do multiple blog posts on mostly independent artists may not have much use for the widget if the content they wish to post is not a part of we7. I was wondering: Do you know of any other widgets such as this one that maybe cater more toward the indie mp3 blogger? What are your thoughts on the RIAA’s actions against mp3 bloggers? Thank you for your post.

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