Now MySpace plans an ‘iPod-killer’

MySpace may have plans to introduce its very own ‘iPod-killer’ to supplement its newly-introduced music download service, company CEO Chris DeWolf explained at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco yesterday.

There’s no big rush to do so, however, with DeWolf simply conceding “it’s possible” before stressing his company remains focused on the music service right now.

The service is a joint venture between MySpace and Sony BMG Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. However, at launch it immediately fell foul of indie labels who complained at lack of parity through the service.

People streamed music more than 1 billion times in the first few days and have created 80 million playlists since the launch, DeWolfe said, adding, “If anything, we’ll be accretive to iPod sales” he said, “Unless we develop a device,” he added.

5 thoughts on “Now MySpace plans an ‘iPod-killer’

  1. Robert Morrow

    Please stop using “iPod Killler”. In the past 5 years nobody has created one, how about trying something new like… “Now MySpace plans to at least make a showing in the music player market.”

  2. Jonny Post author

    Thing is, isn’t that what everyone (who isn’t apple) WANTS their device to be? MySpace at least has a store they can tie to some location-based, mobile-savvy network. So perhaps they have clout to deliver a solution that goes beyond the hardware product?

    NB: I’m not saying they have; I’m not saying I want them to have; but surely there’s some consitency there?

  3. Steve

    What a joke. I have to agree with Robert. I think we’re long past the time when anyone should think they are even remotely capable of creating an “iPod Killer”. It hasn’t happened and realistically, it’s not likely to happen. Even worse, exactly what credibility does MySpace have in the hardware market? None. At this point, it would be a stretch to even consider such an attempt to even be a Zune killer.

  4. Jonny Post author

    Calm down, calm down – they only said they ‘could’ make such a tool. Though I do think in the last two sentences you described a cosy and potentially Apple-threatening (threaten doesn’t mean beat) business plan between News Corp. and Microsoft, should they choose to go for that. Add a little Universal/Vivendi/Hulu to that connected device and Apple could have a problem…

    Don’t forget the background to the IPod. When Apple released it in 2001 there was a lot of talk of other big players creating an ecosystem based on Windows Media. Apple moved fast, beat them to the punch, made it better and cleaned-up.

    Personally I hope apple continue to stay in front, as despite al the criticsim of lack of choice in the apple ecosystem those big companies quietly exerting influence in the corridors of power have a lot less focus on choice.

    Arguably, the reason choice is even on the agenda is because Apple beat the curve, and competitors still want the action.

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