UPDATE: Nokia’s new Mac suite, early alpha exposed

Some may recall news earlier this week that Nokia plans to implement wider Mac support in 2009, now some early screen shots of what the mobile phone giant plans for the Apple Inc. computer platform have emerged – proving Nokia’s claim to be more than hype.

Right now it’s a Leopard-only software, and works only with Nokia N95, N96 and the Nokia 5800 Tube, a fellow blogger reveals.

The software – seemingly called Ovi Mac Suite – supports two-way sync of contacts, calendar, photos and videos. With a nod to iLife, images will synchronise with iPhoto folders, but notes, sound recordings and music and podcasts aren’t yet supported by Nokia’s Mac software.

There’s no public testing yet, Nokia Mac Suite will appear on the Beta labs site later this year.

As more information emerges, it looks more like Nokia plans a determined push into the Apple heartland. After opening its own online music store in Italy yesterday, the latest information crossing the wires right no (12.56pm Eastern) claims the company plans an r&d lab in Hollywood, ” which will work with people in the media and entertainment industry. That will include working closely with new tech companies and creative talent and universities.”

Henry Tirri, senior vice president and head of Nokia Research, has gone on record to say, “We’re talking about going way beyond just replicating a computer on a phone,” he said. “We want to provide the user with the right context that they need at the time when they need it. This is the evolution of computing.”

Here’s an example of one technology Nokia’s best boffins are currently exploring.

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Nokia’s new Mac suite, early alpha exposed

  1. markinscottsdale

    AFTER YEARS of total NEGLECT of their Mac users who bought (and paid good bucks for) various Nokia products – only to phone their Customer-Lack-of-support and be rudely told “We don’t support Mac’s” by some offshore drone in a third world country half-way round the globe who doesn’t even know what a Mac is – but he read the script as Nokia had written it. Rude emphasis added by his own volition, no doubt.

    And now, suddenly when the iPhone is stomping on Nokia sales across the board – NOW they suddenly have had a change of heart and have decided to support their most pricey phones on Macs. Oh, LUCKY US!

    To hell with Nokia! Buy an iPhone even if you don’t pay for a data plan – at least you’ll not be giving your money to some company who, until very recently didn’t even acknowledge Mac users were on the charts!

  2. Mark M

    Ummm… what?? I’ve been using Nokia’s “Multimedia Transfer” app for several years to sync my N75 with iTunes / iPhoto, and their iSync plugin to sync with iCal / Address Book. It all works like a dream via Bluetooth. I can also use the Mac’s “Bluetooth File Exchange” app to manually transfer files; its basically an FTP client with full access into the phone’s file-system.

  3. Henri Niskala

    Well, I have to agree ith both of the previous writers; the only had thing there is that you can’t get your bagk up on your Mac. Though the dT transfer works well, you can’t backup your Contacts, mails, etc (ecept into your phone’s calendar or to your SIM acard’s data storage.
    I would truly hope that Nolia would aknowledge the steadily growing .Mac -users. That would be their benefit too.

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