Nokia Comes With Music DRM cracked

Nokia launched its ‘Comes With Music’ service in the UK in a fanfare of publicity, promising access to a huge host of music tracks along with free permanent downloads for a year – but now it looks like the company’s facing an unexpected problem – the DRM it uses to limit use of music acquired using the service has been cracked….

Electric Pig informs Nokia has chosen a Microsoft standard for its service, and new software called Tunebite can eliminate the DRM shrouded across Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ tracks.

The £17.50 software plays tracks in order to recapture them in a non-encrypted format that’s free of DRM. It can rip through tracks at 54 times their normal speed, the report explains.

“Nokia’s new service is an interesting new model for digital music but at first glance seems fatally flawed,” the head of competing online music firm, 7digital, Drury has said.

“Songs downloaded through the Comes With Music service are not in MP3 format and are wrapped in DRM (Digital Rights Management) locks which means the downloads cannot be played across a multitude of music devices including iPods and all other MP3 players.”

Drury also pointed out that customers are limited in the amount of time they can hang onto the music.

Interviewed yesterday, Drury once again expressed his support for a more open and interoperable future based on the abandonment of DRM.

Via: Electric Pig.

1 thought on “Nokia Comes With Music DRM cracked

  1. Yollan

    I really don’t see what’s the problem of removing the DRM since I bought the music and don’t share it with other persons. I just put it on other players that’s it.. And this Tunebite does a good job when it comes with removing DRM and please allow me to make an observation, it doesn’t crack the DRM, it just re-records legally the original track and it’s not a pirated soft. I use this soft for a long time cause it isn’t new, as you said, if you look attentively it came on market 3 or 4 years ago.

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