Nokia ‘Comes With Music’ – at a price?

Nokia may charge a premium for handsets equipped with its ‘Comes With Music’ plan, a report claims – though detractors have quickly poked holes in what’s being said (see comment below). claims the first two such handsets to go on sale in the UK cost a fair bit extra if you want a load of music too. The 5310 costs between £132.99 and £145.99 on the site on its own, and £214.99 with Nokia’s tunes – so an extra £70 or more. The Nokia N95 8GB is selling for £394.99 on its own, or £479.99 with the music…

However the problem with these claims is that the website claims its information’s based on pre-order information held on the Expansys website – and Expansys is nothing to do with Carphone Warehouse, Nokia’s only retail partner to the plan.

Whatever the facts – and we’ll know them soon enough – Nokia’s plan is keeping tongues wagging, as industry watchers consider if it will succeed – and at what price…

And in the red corner, music publishers yesterday claimed Nokia hasn’t yet secured the correct permissions for the scheme from them.

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