Noah And The Whale Ship Free Track To Save BBC 6Music

Noah And The Whale have issued a new free download in order to support BBC 6Music, which currently faces shut-down at the behest of the Corporation’s new DG, Mark Thompson.

Those of us who love music already know BBC 6Music plays sounds you just don’t get on other stations, delivering a valuable outlet for the sounds that just won’t get a look-in in the commercial sector, and which the Beeb’s R1 and R2 also fail to deliver decent coverage for.

Long time fans of the station, Noah And The Whale have released a new track as a free download to raise awareness of the campaign to save the station.

Tackling the Tom Petty classic ‘Last DJ’ the band are making the song available via label Young And Lost Club’s official website. You’ll need to hand over your email address, after which you’ll be sent a download code.

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