Updated: Apple says iPhone tethering is go

UPDATED:Apple has made available a third-party application that let iPhone users access the internet using their laptop over the phone’s 3G connection.

Independent company, Nullriver’s NetShare application is available for sale through the App Store. The software allows users to share the iPhone’s EDGE or 3G internet connection with a PC, offering a a SOCKS5 proxy for the PC to connect to.

One of the most requested features in the iPhone 3G – I know at least one person who won’t buy an iPhone unless it offers this – is modem access/tethering – the application is bound to see heavy sales, particularly as there was a huge wave of media attention paid to the existence of the application when it was briefly removed from sale.

NullRiver, developer of post-jailbreakering tool Installer.app, managed to release the data tethering application, NetShare.

The company’s other product, the Tuner Internet Radio app for the iPhone is also available, which supports thousands of internet radio broadcasts and includes an OpenGL Visualiser.

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