New iPhone payment app hints NFC-free ‘iWallet’ future

Here’s an interesting: Everybody’s ‘favorite’ multinationals (the banks, ewww) are working hard to make cash cashless even as they take our cash….and ING Direct last week introduced a bump your iPhone payment solution for its check account customers.

This P2P-based solution should help make iPhone users more used to using their smartphones as a payment thing. Bank Innovation spoke with ING Direct to find out that solutions like this may actually be used in preference to NFC, as there’s problems within that industry…

NFC “hasn’t settled among big players,” the banking group said. ING Direct sees the bump technology as a step toward full-force banking systems for mobile, and notes, “cash is no longer king”.

Probably because, outside of the banks, no one actually, you know, has any. Speaking of which, here’s where you can buy that fabulous report on how Apple CEO Steve Jobs chewed out the MobileMe team for their abject failures on Amazon, which will work with any KindleApp Supporting device. (Inside Apple — From Steve Jobs down to the janitor: How America’s most successful – and most secretive – big company really works.) Fascinating stuff!!

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  1. Betaalterminal

    Ogone, one of the big players in Europe for credit card payments has launched an app which allows vendors to accept payments via their iPhone.

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