New Apple iPod nano revealed?

Not saying this is true or false, but this image seems to chime in well with all the rumours circulating right now – longer, thinner with a side-mounted screen.
So, we saw this image on Swedish site, MacFeber.

In other news, one analyst is warning that the Apple do on Tuesday may be a little ‘underwhelming’. Higher storage and lower prices for iPods and the iPod touch seem to leave him cold. He’s looking for a big bang a la iPhone, or something – then he nails a few potential surprises Apple could have in store:

“We believe wildcards on new products are:
1) an advanced AppleTV with DVR and TV tuner capabilities and/or
2) new touch form factors (iPod-Mac hybrid) with larger screens.”

It is worth pointing out that the analysis completely ignores iTunes, which as we all know is like ignoring music and media sales in any major music and media retail chain. Without the music the rest doesn’t matter.

So news that iTunes may sell movies in high-definition, that there will (at last) be a new and half-way decent visualiser that’s also likely to function on the Apple TV; rumoured social networking and music recommendation features – even the (perhaps fictional) iTunes Unlimited subscription chatter don’t seem to turn that analyst on.

But all these last few things could be quite interesting, at least for music and media sales.

3 thoughts on “New Apple iPod nano revealed?

  1. Bambi Valentine

    How about a AppleTV that play .avi and DixX files? That would be a start.



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