Nectar launches online music store

Confirming earlier reports, UK loyalty card company Nectar launched its DRM-free digital music store in the UK this morning.

The store is situated here and has an interesting twist – it allows users to redeem their Nectar points for music selected from the service’s one million tracks. Tracks have been provided by independent and major labels, and are made available as DRM-free MP3s.

“The Nectar Musicstore catalogue contains thousands of songs, streamed music samples and artist biographies, giving you access to a massive selection of downloads.

“What’s more, all Nectar Musicstore downloads are in MP3 format with no restrictions. That’s no passwords, no time limits and any MP3 player (including iPods). You download it and it’s yours to burn to a CD or copy to your MP3 player as many times as you like!” the service explains on its site.

The site’s users must register for an account and tie their existing Nectat points up to that account. They then redeem points (starting at 5,500 points for 30 tracks) for bundles of 30, 40 or 50 tracks. It’s the first such scheme to launch in the UK, and underlines the manner in which the digital media sector is diversifying, now such services have been proven effective.

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