NBC dumps Silverlight, moves to Flash

NBC has dumped the Microsoft Silverlight video streaming technology it used to webstream its Olympics coverage, moving to adopt the more ubiquitous Adobe Flash.

It seems sports fans trying to access the Olympics coverage were annoyed at the choice of Silverlight. “While 40 million US visitors to NBCOlympics.com didn’t have Silverlight installed, Adobe Flash is already installed on some 98 per cent of Internet-connected computers,” says Valleywag.

There were some teething problems to the switch to Flash, which NBC put in motion during last week’s NFL kick-off. Stuttering and frozen connections afflicted the service.

The Adobe format saw some positive use during the Olympics. The BBC revealed that is served nearly 40 million video streams over the web – that compares to 2.5 million for the Athens Olympics four years ago.

Here’s a pretty interesting history of Adobe’s Flash format.

4 thoughts on “NBC dumps Silverlight, moves to Flash

  1. Kev Orng

    When I come across a site that requires silverlight, I move on. Mostly because I have a PowerPC Mac and MS decided not to support PowerPC, but partially because I hope that webmasters will notice that people choose to live without their content if they have to install Silverlight

  2. Tom

    The headline could also easily have read – public dumps NBS, moves to P2P. The figures for downloads of Olympic torrents dwarfs NBCs figures. NBC could have made it so much better. It’s lack of profit making from the Olympics shows that as well…

  3. Jeff Popovic

    Hi, I came across this post while looking for help with fixing Microsoft Silverlight. I have recently switched browsers from Opera to Microsoft IE 6. After the change I seem to have a issue with loading sites that have Microsoft Silverlight. Everytime I browse page that requires Microsoft Silverlight, the site does not load and I get a “npctrl.dll” error. I cannot seem to find out how to fix the problem. Any aid getting Microsoft Silverlight to work is greatly appreciated! Thanks

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