Napster Judge Calls for Major Copyright Reform

Music labels face the inevitable counter-punch to their years of merciless litigation against file-sharers in the US courts, with the coalition of the willing beginning to show significant cracks as key players reconsider their support for the RIAA.

A huge salvo was sent across the music industry bows this week, when the judge in the famed Napster case, Judge Miriam Hall Patel, calling for major copyright reforms,

Her plan includes a new public/private body to preside over the licensing and enforcement of copyright, Listening Post informs.

“Our copyright laws have become a patchwork of amendments that are adopted as emergencies arise,” she said.

The proposals go quite far, including a move to abolish all existing compulsory licensing systems for music in favour of a new blanket licensing scheme administrated by a new licensing body.

Manufacturers including Apple should also be required gain the new organisation’s approval before launching devices capable of recording, distributing or copying music, Judge Patel said.

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