Napster European revenues up 23%

Napster today confirmed it recorded a 23 per cent revenue increase in its European markets for the fiscal year 2008, ending March 31, 2008.

The company says it delivered 400 million tracks as full-length streams, tethered downloads or purchased tracks. “Since inception, more than three million music lovers in six European countries have signed up for the Napster mobile and PC services, while Napster’s user base in the United Kingdom and Germany grew by over 25 per cent in terms of PC-based subscriptions,” the company said.

After the launch of the online service in the UK (2004) and Germany (2005), Napster successfully launched its mobile music service in Ireland and Portugal in 2006. This service allows simultaneous downloads to the member’s PCs and mobile phones. Napster’s mobile service launched in Switzerland in 2007, and in Italy and the UK during 2008.

The company also talked up its Napster mobile service, available in the UK (through Apple partner, O2), Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland.

“Napster is demonstrating strong traction and growth in Europe reflecting a very dynamic market for digital and mobile music,” commented Thorsten Schliesche, Napster’s Vice President Sales and Marketing Europe and General Manager Napster Germany. “The Napster brand is exceptionally well-known across Europe, and our fiscal 2008 growth rates mark an exciting time for the company and digital music in Europe as a whole. We plan to continue expanding into Europe both by growth in existing markets and by opening up new territories to broaden Napster’s reach.”

As part of Napster’s growth strategy, Dan Nash, has joined the team as Senior Marketing Manager to support Napster’s UK mobile strategy. Dan has considerable experience in the mobile market through previous roles at Musiwave and iTouch.

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