MySpace teams with Google, boosts iTunes

Bat for LashesMySpace and Google will this afternoon announce a partnership to provide music content for the company’s new music search initiative.

“Through this partnership we’re making it easier for fans around the world to discover music content by providing Google with full audio tracks, direct links to music videos and upcoming tour information. It’s our goal to make the great content on our platform available to anyone – wherever it is they want to find it,” MySpace explained.

“Probably the most exciting aspect of this deal is that we now have the opportunity to better serve our artist partners by making sure all of the content they’ve created is available to everyone on MySpace as well as to those fans searching for it on Google.”

As reported in the press release, key features of this new offering include:

Streaming Music:
MySpace will offer streaming music from major labels and independents, including EMI Music, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony ATV, and independents including The Orchard and IODA, among many others.

Music Videos:
The pop-up player includes a link to music videos. MySpace offers the entire fully licensed video catalogues from our major label and independent partners.

On Tour Information:
The pop-up player includes a link to upcoming tour information.  This is the first time concert data has been integrated into Google search.

Purchase Tracks:
Ability to buy songs from iTunes or Amazon.

President of MySpace Music, Courtney Holt, explains: “Today we are announcing that MySpace is now delivering streaming music on Google search results.  This relationship was secured and implemented by the iLike team; on the heels of the rapid integration of iLike into the MySpace Music Video and Artist Dashboard product announcements last week this represents the advantageous nature of the iLike acquisition last month.

“Beginning today, we and other partners are enabling Google to make it easier for music lovers around the world to find, listen to, and buy music. MySpace is providing Google search with audio tracks from both major and independent labels, as well as links to music videos and upcoming tour information.

“This integration creates a better search experience on Google by giving users a new, easy and deeper connection to the great music content on MySpace. For example, beginning today, a Google search for “Kings of Leon” will now allow you to listen to the band’s full-length tracks via a MySpace pop-up player. The MySpace pop-up will also notify you if the band is on tour, and includes convenient links to check out their music videos, look up their tour dates, and buy tickets or digital downloads.

“Today’s implementation is only the beginning: not every MySpace song or tour date is integrated into today’s launch.  In the coming days we’ll continue to add additional MySpace songs, video links, and tour info to Google search results, leveraging the breadth and depth of content available from the millions of artists on MySpace.

“MySpace has the world’s largest database of live events, and iLike has already built some of the world’s best concert-discovery features available online. We’re delighted to have implemented the first structured integration of concert data into Google search, and this is only the beginning of our efforts to innovate in the live event space.

“The Google integration is a direct result of the MySpace acquisition of iLike. I’m especially proud of the agility with which we evolved an iLike/Google initiative into a deeper integration with MySpace. I know this is only the beginning of what we can achieve working together and I thank the iLike team for their hard work in bringing this product to life.

“We believe the future of MySpace includes enabling the socialization of content not only on MySpace but also on other websites.  Working with partners like Google is an important part of this strategy, and we have plenty of other opportunities ahead of us.”

For more info, check out the live stream of Google’s press conference here.

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