MySpace Music to launch Sep 15?

The Ben Folds Five will reform to perform the band’s first show in nearly a decade for the new MySpace show, ‘Front to Back’.

News that the band’s set to reform – even if it s only for one event – is likely to excite the band’s many fans, who must now look forward to September 18 for the gig to take place. And the exclusive nature of the performance is well-timed to be close to claims MySpace Music will launch three days earlier, on September 15.

The band will perform 1999’s ‘The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner’ in its entirety at the gig, which will be broadcast in October on MySpace, at least that’s what Billboard is saying.

News of this special event may or may not be related to the current whispering (cheers, Hypebot) which claims MySpace will finally launch its much-anticipated iTunes-competitor, MySpace Music, on September 15.

Hypebot reports: “Amazon appears to be a lock to do download fulfillment. Universal, WMG and Sony BMG are on board, but no word from EMI or a single indepenent label.”

We’re at the end of this story, so here’s a slightly tatty YouTube clip of the band performing their single from the album, ‘Army’. Seems the good clip on YouTube isn’t available for embedding (crazy). Now buy the album…

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