MySpace Music exceeds one billion streams

Scant days since launch, MySpace Music has already streamed over a billion songs since, the company has claimed.

In a statement from the company, MySpace Music said, “We’re extremely pleased with the launch of MySpace Music—clearly our users around the world are engaged and excited about the new music experience on MySpace. We’ve hit some incredible milestones in only a few days—some of the numbers you’re reading about are already out of date.”

And continues, “We can confirm that we hit a milestone of one billion music streams in only a few days after launching the new product.”

“We will be looking to our metrics on engagement and unique users which will tell a much richer story on how positively the community is responding to the new music experience. We will continue to keep you posted on the response to MySpace Music.”

However, one thing we do know is that a huge tranche of important indie releases aren’t being made available through the service, and many unsigned artists are now unhappy with MySpace as the service no longer lets them offer tracks for free download to fans.

Whether the company will continue to ignore the independent voice is most likely going to be subject to usage patterns, but experience shows online audiences reflexively follow the content – lack of indies now is an opportunity for other services.

ABI Research director Michael Wolf observes, “The social network is increasingly becoming a central hub for communication across online and mobile domains for many consumers,” said Wolf. “To a degree, it allows them to centralize messaging, communication and even digital media consumption through a centralized property on various screens. We believe this centralization of a consumer’s digital lifestyle through social networks will only increase adoption of mobile social networking in coming years.”

According to a recent online survey conducted by ABI Research, nearly half (46%) of those who use social networks have also visited a social network through a mobile phone. Of these, nearly 70% have visited MySpace and another 67% had visited Facebook. No other social networking site reached 15% adoption mobile adoption.

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