Muso Records Whole Album Using Only an iPhone

What’s an iPhone-loving songwriting sound-engineer got to do to grab a little attention in this new digital world order? Why, record an entire album of music using only his iPhone and a selection of musical apps, of course.

We saw the Santa Cruz Sentinelstory pop up via iPhone Freak and knew a wider public deserved to know about Tom Freeman and his iPhone music odyssey.

The project’s called iMatik and it’s a DJ mixtape-style collection of 25 electronica tracks, consisting of sampled sounds, a synthesizer, a percussion track and a bassline.

“I was pleased by how it turned out,” said Freeman, a bass player and producer who goes by the moniker “Freematik.” “The sound is like something you’d get from a legit recording studio.”

The musician says he put the tracks together across several months using his iPhone wherever he happened to be when the muse caught him in her dance.

“For production, it’s great, the app on the iPhone opens immediately and in 10 seconds you’re ready to get to work. And the sound, it’s pretty close if not equal to anything in a big studio.”

He used Beatmaker, iDrum, Flare Scratch and Jasuto to make the songs, which are available for sale at Freematik.

You can visit the artist’s website, Freematik, to hear the album, plus there is the option to download the entire thing for $5 or to order a limited CD for $8.

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