Musinaut opens next-gen digital artist cafe..

Paris-based digital audio firm Musinaut has introduced its new online community, the MXP4Café for artists using its new MXP4 digital audio format.

The company has also made it possible for artists and fans to embed MXP4 tracks inside their blogs, MySpace pages or websites and plans training days for musicians in London in November, artist users already include Margaux.
The MXP4Cafe will act as a virtual meeting place where artists can share interactive MXP4 music files with fellow musicians. The technology was launched last month and is a digital audio format that lets artists combine music and other multimedia elements into an all-new content delivery system.

Andrew Sheehy, Head of Research at music analyst company, Generator believes the MXP4 format is important to the future and development of music and how we listen to it:
“By providing artists with new ways to showcase their creative talent, Musinaut’s MXP4 interactive music format will make music more enjoyable. New, interactive virtual music formats will develop to become an important part of the way users consume music in the future.”
Membership to the MXP4Café is free. Those that upload MXP4 tracks in the MXP4 format before December 31 2008 will receive a full license of the MXP4Creator software (normal cost £279).

MXP4Café members can:
– Create their own personal profiles;
– Upload their MXP4 tracks and create embedabble widgets;
– Download the MXP4Creator software.
– Get tech support.

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