Musinaut offers free MXP4 training sessions

Musinaut will host free training sessions for artists interested in using its all-new multimedia format, MXP4.
Since its launch in September almost 5,000 artists have downloaded MXP4Creator, an interactive solution that lets creatives embed other content into their songs, and enables new forms of creative expression.
The training sessions will be led by a musician and a one of the people closely involved with the development of the MXP4 Technology.
During the three hour session musicians will learn more about interactive digital music technology and how it can be used cretively.

Topics covered will include:
–        How to Import your audio files from your sequencer,
–        How to structure your MXP4 project (define skins and patterns)
–        How to add  multimedia content (images, text to be synchronized on audio at playback time)
–        How to use the audio features to polish your title (sound FX, master compression…)
–        How  to get the best out MXP4Creator and the technology

MXP4Creator is available for free download from the company’s website until December 31, its normal price is £279.

The training takes place on November 25 and 26 in Central London. There will be two sessions on each of these days from 10am to 1pm and 2pm till 5pm.

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