Music industry to indoctrinate kids on copyright

Strangely unsure about this – can’t help but see funding for actual instruments being cut at the same time as a one-way dogma on file-sharing gets injected into children, but here’s the deal (from the Telegraph).

“For the first time, pupils will learn about intellectual property rights in the music industry – and how it relates to downloads.

Music classes this term will also cover the use of technology in music as part of new-style syllabuses introduced in all secondary schools

The updated national curriculum is designed to make lessons more relevant by focusing on contemporary issues alongside traditional subjects.

Other changes see the inclusion of more modern authors in English; an attempt to boost awareness of global issues and climate change in geography; lessons in body image and the way the media creates a picture of young people (I think that last lesson is simply intended to encourage conformity, yawn).

Oh, and our kids will get lessons in ‘Britishness’ – oh dear, presumably Irish or Welsh children will be exempt from these?

“Pupils will also be required to learn about the impact of immigration and the different ethnic and religious groups represented in the UK,” the report informs.

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