Music consumption climbs, industry needs change

Topspin Media’s Ian Rogers offered the keynote speech at the recent Grammy Northwest Music Tech Summit, using the moment to declare the death of old music and the birth of a new age of connection between artist and fan. “The physics of the media space have changed and you shouldn’t expect the winners or even the definition of winning to stay constant,” he said, as noted by Hypebot.

Rogers also explained that hit records in the traditional sense aren’t representative of how the new industry works, now it’s not mass market sales but the relationship between the artist and fan that matters.

“As Chuck D said at MIDEM last year, ‘There is nothing wrong with the music business, there is a problem with the CD business,” he said, “In conversations going forward, let’s talk about profitability for artists.”

It is a shame video isn’t available of this interesting analysis of the state of play, but it’s presented extremely eloquently and well worth a look-see.

Via: Hypebot.

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