Music ‘n’ iPhone drive Apple’s iXmas – reports

While legal beagles flood the ‘net with searches for the New York Bar Exam today, the rest of us are really, really passionate about music, new research explains – and it looks like good news for Apple and others in the sector this Holiday Season, read on…

A pair of reports emanating from Bauer Media and the Consumer Electronics Association show a growing appetite for music among consumers (that’s you and I), and increasing demand for music among US teens.

With such a fury of interest at music, it’s a surprise the┬álabel bosses can’t seem to sell the stuff.

Bauer Media claims 75% of consumers describe themselves as “passionate” about music, with 44% consuming more music this year than last year.

“Music was more popular than any other interest tested, with 46% of respondents saying it was one of their favourite interests,” Music Week explains.

The CEA survey of US teens shows that music is the most popular activity when it comes to using digital technology – and, despite the constant clamour from music legal (hey, those Bar exams are expensive), most US teens are honest – check it out:

– 58% buy their music,
– 56% borrow it,
– 52% get given it,
– 51% buy from online stores (up from 41% in 2006).

Oh yeah, and like a whole lot of us, 47% of US teens like to check music out using services such as YouTube.

“Teens are comfortable with technology and value the improvements technology makes in their lives,” said Steve Koenig, CEA’s director of industry analysis. “As this generation looks for all-in-one features and bigger and better products, they will fuel the growth of the consumer electronics industry.”

Teenagers sure are expensive, though, the research shows the average teen expects to spend around $312 on consumer electronic (CE) devices in the next six months.

If you’ve been reading this far waiting for the good news for Apple in this, you’ll see it this Christmas as the company competes for a place under the tree as the new teen smartphone…

A quarter of teens expect to purchase a new cell phone within the next six months, making it teens’ most popular consumer electronic product, CEA declares, and they want smartphones for talking, texting, listening to music and watching videos.

However – Apple may need to get over itself and introduce true MMS and video recording into the iPhone (neither of these should be so hard to accomplish) as far from being lazy useless ingrates, teenagers spend one third of their time on their phones creating content – capturing video, for example.

All the same, assuming teens don’t dump on Apple in favour of video-capable smartphones, it’s gonna be another iChristmas, “Looking specifically at what CE products teens want, an upgraded cell phone (a smartphone) and an MP3 player were at the top on their list,” CEA reports.

Won’t just be an iChristmas in the US either, with a recent UK Hitwise survey confirming Apple’s iPhone to be the third most searched-for term by UK internet surfers in the run-up to the season, with the Wii Fit and Wii as second and first place searches respectively.

For those of us already equipped with a flash Apple phone, the company’s UK arm today directed our attention to a gaggle of Christmas-related applications for the iPhone – unfortunately these didn’t include a ‘Christmas is humbug’ irate moaning generator, but if you do make such an application please do let us know as we once again enter the season of good will…

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