MTV frees its video for US use on MySpace

MTV has agreed a deal that will let its videos be uploaded and made available through the MySpace social network in the US.

The partners will enable advertising opportunities within audience-uploaded videos across MySpace, with tech firm Auditude providing technology for advertising to be inserted across a suite of MTV Networks’ most popular video content uploaded to MySpace, including clips from MTV and Comedy Central, among others.

“Auditude is opening the floodgates for users to program video on MySpace and ensure copyright holders get paid,” said Jeff Berman, MySpace President of Marketing and Sales. “In one fell swoop, Auditude and its partners are empowering consumers and building a better business model. That’s a good deal all around.”

MySpace is using patented technology developed by Auditude that pairs automatic identification of virtually any professional video uploaded across the Internet with an ad platform that enables content owners to serve targeted ads within that content.

“As one of the leading providers of online video in the world, we give our fans the power not only to consume our content, but also to share and interact with it across the Web,” said Mika Salmi, President of Global Digital Media, MTV Networks. “With Auditude’s solution, we can continue to give users the freedom to take our content wherever they go online, while ensuring that we can monetize it as well.”

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