MSFT’s Bach needs time to entertain us

Here’s a vaguely interesting, somewhat frustrating interview with Robbie Bach, head of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices unit.

Asked, “Overall, entertainment should be about your content on two devices, but this hasn’t really happened yet?”

Bach responds: “You’re going to see that steadily rolled-out, there’s not going to be a cut-off date…it’s going to be a process where people turn around in two years time and think, woh, this wasn’t possible two years ago.”

Yes it is. On Apple’s platforms. What’s up with that?
Conclusion: Apple’s multimedia lead is absolute.

On Zune: “We’ll continue to be in the hardware business, a market which isn’t growing, but good business for us to do… You’ll see Zune remain within the MP3 player space, but also as a set of software and services that get your content onto all the windows we play on.”

“The phone is going to become a general purpose device..”

There’s some paraphrasing in the above. How come Microsoft is two years behind?

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