Motorola slaps RIM, demands end to US BlackBerry sales

Motorola has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC), alleging that RIM has engaged in unfair trade practices by selling products that infringe on five of Motorola’s parents.

The five patents listed in Motorola’s complaint relate to certain early-stage innovations developed by Motorola in key technology areas, such as Wi-Fi access, application management, user interface and power management, that are now being used by RIM.

Motorola has requested that the ITC commence an investigation into RIM’s use of Motorola’s patents and, among other things, issue an Exclusion Order barring RIM’s importation of infringing products; prohibiting further sales of infringing products that have already been imported; and halting the marketing, advertising, demonstration and warehousing of inventory for distribution and use of such imported products in the United States.

Jonathan Meyer, senior vice president of intellectual property law at Motorola, said, “Through its early-stage development of the cellular industry and billions of dollars spent on research and development, Motorola has created an industry-leading intellectual property portfolio that is respected by the entire telecommunications industry.

“In light of RIM’s continued unlicensed use of Motorola’s patents, RIM’s use of delay tactics in our current patent litigation, and RIM’s refusal to design out Motorola’s proprietary technology, Motorola had no choice but to file a complaint with the ITC to halt RIM’s continued infringement. Motorola will continue to take all necessary steps to protect its R&D and intellectual property, which are critical to the Company’s business.”

3 thoughts on “Motorola slaps RIM, demands end to US BlackBerry sales

  1. G

    Three, two, one…RIM countersues Motorola for infringing RIM’s patents and asks the US ITC to bar the importation of Motorola’s infringing products.

    Soon, when the ITC follows through with these bans, with more surely to follow, US consumers and businesses will no longer have any mobile phones which will lead to the collapse of the US mobile phone industry.

  2. lrd

    Motorola is learning from Nokia- When you can’t people to buy your stuff sue the others who are being more successful than you. After all, shouldn’t all cell phones makers be paying the Nokia and/or Motorola royalties- they invented everything having to with cell phones. Right?

  3. iphonerulez

    RIM probably has 100X more leverage than Motorola. A lot of consumers and corporations would be sad if their BlackBerrys were taken away. Nobody would even miss Motorola if it went out of business. Truthfully Motorola isn’t that far away from bankruptcy due to its own incompetence. Even Palm is rated higher than Motorola as a profitable business and that’s a pretty sad statement. Heck even Motorola investors are trying to sue them for outright fraud and deception.

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