Motorola expands ROKR range

Motorola has introduced three new music-playing mobile phones to expand its ROKR range, the EM30, EM28 and EM25 phones.

The EM30 is a candybar phone, the EM28 adopts a clamshell design with “sonic features and touch-sensitive keys”, while the ROKR EM25 is a slider phone with FM radio sharing capabilities. They should ship internationally this year.

The EM30 uses Motorola’s ModeShift technology to illuminate the keyboard – red keys illuminate in music mode and a brilliant blue keypad appears in phone mode.

Additional features include support for MP3, an FM radio with RDS technology and a 3.5mm stereo headset jack (so you can use your choice of headphones). Oh, and it uses Windows Media Player 11 for online music services.

The EM28 offers touch-sensitive keys that appear only when they’re needed. The front of the phone shows the name of the artist and song without even opening the flip.

Motorola has done some work to boost the sonic performance of this phone, including the introduction of a 3D sound effect to emulate surround sound, along with an audio equalizer offering 11 pre-set music genres. And you can pump the bass up to nine decibels.

Finally, EM25 offers a stored music library and built-in FM radio. The phone has a dedicated music key and familiar music controls to play, pause, forward and rewind tracks. Consumers can use FMShare to share a favorite station with friends by sending it in a text message and SONG ID technology to identify a song while out and about, then download and listen to it on the phone.

All the new phones support GSM/EDGE technology, Bluetooth and so on.

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