Microsoft sets up ad kiosk outside U.K. Apple store

Oh this is funny – Microsoft has made Apple’s retail stores even sexier by surrounding the doors with a bunch of ads as part of the Redmond behemoth’s ‘I’m a PC’ campaign.

Now, given half the people buying computers at Apple retail stores have already actively decided they’re pretty sick of Windows, saved up their cash and moseyed over to the Cupertino company’s store to buy a Mac, placing these ‘Im A PC’ ads outside that store only really show how desperately the company that makes the software they’re sick of wants to keep them in the fold.

A fold they’re unhappy with.

This campaign is not a good idea. It actually makes Apple’s proposition stronger. The aggressive move sanctions the proposition by highlighting how Apple is a viable alternative.

If Microsoft really wants to remain relevant in any of its activities it needs to deliver genuine innovation, this aping of the ‘Get A Mac’ campaign shows a distinct lack of that kind of imagination.

It shows that – vis-a-vis Apple v. Microsoft – one company leads while the other follows.

Which do you think is which?

2 thoughts on “Microsoft sets up ad kiosk outside U.K. Apple store

  1. Harvey

    I totally agree with you. This poorly conceived “marketing” move by Microsoft will only strengthen Mac users’ and Windows switchers’ resolve to avoid Microsoft’s products.

    MS setting up a booth outside an Apple Store proves 2 things:

    1) Just how desperate MS has become, with a product like Vista (but let’s not say the “V” word) and losing so much market share to Apple.

    2) How devoid of self-respect MS is (if Apple set up a silly little booth [which they wouldn’t do in the first place] outside a Microsoft office, Windows-fanboys would be laughing up a storm as much as Mac users are currently doing about this).

    The other thing about this booth, and also Microsoft’s recent “I’m a PC” advertising, is that Microsoft is spending $300 Million dollars on a campaign to advertise a product that it doesn’t even make. Microsoft does not make PCs (personal computers). Companies like Apple, Dell, and HP make personal computers. PCs can run either Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux (or in the case of Macs, all three operating systems).

    So why is Microsoft spending all of this money to advertise a generic product that it doesn’t make, but is not using this cash to advertise the product that it does make… the Vista operating system?

    The answer is clear to most people 😉

  2. RattyUK


    Being in the US I assumed this was a Photoshopped image to just get the point across BUT if indeed this picture is genuine it seems more than a little odd that the Mall operators would allow a fly-by-night advertising booth to spring up opposite one of their bigger attractions and of course one assumes larger payers. IE the fact that the MALL owners appeared to not give a f*** seems a bit short sighted on their behalf.

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