Microsoft plans Windows Live for iPhone

Microsoft has confirmed plans to introduce a Windows Live application and better Hotmail support to the iPhone, according to the company’s Senior Director of Social Networking Jeff Kunis.

Speaking to TechRadar, Kunis stressed that making Hotmail and Windows Live perform better on the iPhone are on Microsoft’s agenda, and better iPhone support was confirmed to be on the way.

“It’s a staggered approach; right now there is a Facebook application that allows you to have Live Messenger from within your Facebook account and with status integration as well,” he said.

“Secondly there are applications out there that you can download to your iPhone and have access to your Windows Live Hotmail in a native way and we expect those to get richer as time goes on.”

Kunis also confirmed plams to enable POP email on Hotmail in all markets in the next few months (well, we’ve only waited for several years….

17 thoughts on “Microsoft plans Windows Live for iPhone

  1. Jonny Post author

    Hey – that actually looked acceptable – no ads or nothing. I ai’nt used Hotmail for years, is it still ever so spammy, or has it improved?

  2. Waseem

    Hotmail is now working in iphone’s builtin main software. U just have to add an account in settings>mail,accounts in the “other” option. It might be due to the new firmware 2.2/2.2.1 or coz of Hotmail’s restarting of the POP3 mail server. But it worked for me.

  3. XiZeL

    I just hope this app will suport all windows live services. or at least mail and calendar!!

  4. Marty

    The sad part is that Microsoft already supports sync for the iPhone … it’s called Exchange and Google is using it to sync calendar and contact info to the iPhone. Wake up Microsoft!!! iPhone users don’t want separate Live apps … they want integration with the native iPhone apps!!

  5. Greg Bruner

    All of you Microsoft haters are so funny. You seem to forget that Microsoft was the 1st company that provided free web based email, the first company that created native integration into Outlook and was the primary if not sole entity responsible for the explosion of the Internet as it currently exist. Don’t get me wrong, Mac’s rock, but they don’t come close to being able to run an enterprise on. Sorry – but get your facts straight and get over yourselves and your continual snyde Microsoft slams! If it wern’t for th

  6. Greg Bruner

    continuation of cutoff above:

    If it were not for the Ipod and the Iphone, the likelihood of Apple still being around are slim to none.

  7. Johnny


    Furthermore, I suspect you’re relatively young so you wouldn’t know about Apple’s previous financial difficulties circa 1995-1996. The consensus is that “the likelihood of Apple still being around” grew since 1998, long before the iPod’s mass-market penetration.

    And regarding “enterprise readiness”. When you start working, you will observe that Blackberry and increasingly, iPhone is becoming king in middle and upper-management.

  8. Kelly

    Johnny, very funny.. all very well to take the high ground but really – Greg is right, too much slamming on Microsoft. iPhone and Blackberry are piggy-backing on ActiveSync and exchange, and Apple can’t run an enterprise as effectively as MS or securely. Hotmail was first (but not MS owned at the time) – but ipod and iphone definately saviours for Apple. Apple has it’s place and so does Microsoft. Get over yourselves.

  9. Sam Holliday

    Not pleased at all with this app!!! I just wasted $9.99 for it only to find out it is not compatible with @live.(myschool).com, That should be in big letters somewhere. That was the only reason I downloaded it.

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